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Skins I've developed or migrated to the PmWiki platform:

  • Blix: This skin provides a simple, 2-column interface.
  • DropShadow:
  • Equilibrium:
  • GlossyHue: Glossy Blue This skin provides a 2-column interface, with a right-side navigation bar, and top navigation tabs, and a 3-section footer area.
  • Marinee: Marinee This skin provides a simple, 2-column interface. To download and for a complete description refer to Marinee at
  • Skidoo: Skidoo provides a simple, low distraction, 3-column interface that provides rapid access to the information you need. It's designed so that it's easy to change the content in any of the wiki sections (headers, footers, etc), and easy to change colors to provide distinction across farms.
  • Skittlish:
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