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pmGallery can be used to display albums, thumbnails, and images direct from image stores like Picasa (Flickr coming soon), inside PmWiki pages.


  • Display album covers clickable to the images within the album
  • Display thumbnail images, clickable to larger images
  • Display the contents of one or more albums on a single wiki page
  • Can automatically create 'virtual' wiki pages. This means you can display an entire album, and it's images with a single (:pmgallery :) directive!
  • Display random images from one or more albums
  • Automatic caching of feed files -- images are never stored locally, always retrieved from Picasa/Flickr
  • Display images from public and private albums
  • Make full use of your Picasa/Flickr tags
  • Future: display additional data, like Exif, comments, etc.


Random Images

The gallery below is selecting 8 random images from across 2 Picasa albums. Each image is clickable, opening a full image in a 'virtual page'.

(:pmgallery user=nepherim wrapper=span album="Quiddity,1989ToyotaMR2SC" random=8:)

(:pmgallery user=nepherim wrapper=span album="Quiddity,1989ToyotaMR2SC" random=8:)

Album Covers

The gallery below shows 2 Picasa album covers. Each album cover is clickable, displaying all the images in the album, each image also being clickable.

(:pmgallery user=nepherim wrapper=span album="Quiddity,1989ToyotaMR2SC" mode=cover :)

(:pmgallery user=nepherim wrapper=span album="Quiddity,1989ToyotaMR2SC" mode=cover :)


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Page last modified on February 20, 2009, at 10:41 PM