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Galleria takes a list of images and creates a panel of thumbnail selectors. Each thumbnail is clickable showing a full sized image. All of this happens without having to reload the page. Additionally Galleria also provides the ability to create a carousel, or scrollable list, of thumbnail selectors.

Used in conjunction with PmGallery provides a way of displaying a scrolling list of images pulled from Picasa or Flickr.

19-Jul-08: This cookbook is Beta. Using it will not cause any loss of data, but there may be bugs, and things may not work quite right.



Basic carousel

The gallery below based from a basic list of images residing locally on the server, with a basic carousel.

(:div id="demo1":)
* Attach:P5123230.jpg
* Attach:P5123234.jpg
* Attach:P5123241.jpg
* Attach:P5123242.jpg
* Attach:P5123247.jpg
* Attach:PC293632.jpg
(:galleria list="#demo1":)

(:galleria list="#demo1":)

List of demos

You can only have one Galleria on each page. So here's a list of other Galleria demos:


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