How appy is this recipe?

So how is this ajax-enabled? What is the javascript really doing? I haven't seen a single thing here that needs to be ajax to work yet. And since PmWiki isn't database driven, what calls would be made in the background to the server? I'd expect no page load to add a page (but there is) so let's see if saving is better?


Still not seeing anything very ajaxy -- it did verify the URL while I was filling out the comment form. Not really necessary, but a little cool...but extravagent and not enough to change my websites to this recipe. Will bold still work? or italic? What else? how linkspammy can it be? and what else?

So the most ajaxy thing is comment approval. Neat. But I'd need to be getting enough comments on my site to make that worthwhile. Anyway, it works, so that's all.